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Once the purchase is complete, you are free to enjoy your French home. If you have opted for a Euro Mortgage, a French bank account will often be set up simultaneously with the loan (FAQ Q7). With many bills attracting penalties for late payment (majoration), setting up monthly direct debits can bring peace of mind. Bank charges are generally higher than in the UK, but a cheque book, Eurozone credit card (cheaper than world-wide) and regular statements are a good idea.

Electricity: in France various tarifs are available, depending on the property’s maximum consumption. Visit EDF to find out which is best for you.
Telephone: Phone operators in France offer many different packages. Research what would suit your usage pattern.
Plumbing: check that you know where the stopcock is and the route of the pipe from the mains on to your property. You would be charged for any leaks on your side of the water meter.
Chimney sweeping: any chimney, which is used, has to be cleaned annually.
Insurance: many French contracts work on a tacit renewal basis. After completion, you have the time to investigate whether there are better insurance policies available, and give 2-3 months’ notice to your existing insurer if you decide to change.
Mairie: in France, the local Maire likes to know the people in the commune, especially in country areas. It's worth noting that the Maire is responsable for a number of local decisions, including planning permission.
Rubbish: France is heavily committed to recycling and local schemes make this easy. The Mairie is a good place to start; they may even supply rubbish bags and recycling boxes. In France, you usually need to take proof of local occupancy (such as a utility bill) to use the local tip.

Furniture: French furniture is generally slightly smaller than its UK equivalent; try before you buy is the best test.
Delivery: a surprising amount of goods, especially bulky items, can be delivered at no extra cost, so it is always worth enquiring if you shop locally. Local delivery drivers seem able to find the most remote places, provided they have the code postale.
Neighbours: Most French people are well disposed towards newcomers and foreigners. Even if you don’t speak much French, it is worth trying to get to know people nearby as early as possible. If you are planning to take up residence in France, being part of the local community can be very enjoyable; you will often find that 'the locals' can be very helpful too.
Ex Pats: they are all over France. They will certainly be willing to show you the ropes, and ease your way into the French lifestyle.
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