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Capital Gains Tax applies to property other than a principal residence that is sold within 15 years of purchase. It is levied on the difference between the sale price and the original purchase price.

If you are non-resident, but resident elsewhere within the EU, the gain will be taxed at 16%. French residents are taxed at 26%; this rate includes 10% social charges (CSG and CRDS). Residents of non-EU Member States are taxed at 33%.

No tax deductions are available in the first 5 years’ ownership.
After the fifth year, and during the following 10 years, there is a 10% discount allowed for each year. The cost of works done on the property is deductible if a registered company completed the works and that you have the invoices. Deductible works include extensions and renovations (such as a new kitchen or bathroom), but exclude decorative works such as painting and decorating.

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