Cafpi French Mortgage : Planning Permission

The Permis de Construire is the main instrument of planning control. A permis is required for any change to a property that will alter its valeur cadastrale (taxable value). The Mairie can grant full or conditional permission. A letter of notification will be sent following submission with the application number. Details of the application will be displayed at the Mairie. A tacit approval may be assumed two months from the date of submission and the Permis de Construire will normally be delivered within three.

Work should start within two years after permission is granted. A 12-month extension is available; the request must be sent at least 2 months before the expiration date of the original planning permission.
Amendments to the original design after approval of the Permis de Construire require a Permis de Construire Modificatif. It is imperative that the work that is undertaken complies with the work described in the Permis de Construire or the Permis de Construire Modificatif..

There is no planning application fee in France, but the tax payable on the property will be affected by any development..

When renovation work starts, a Déclaration d'Ouverture de Chantier (declaration that the work has commenced) must be lodged. The Permis de Construire has to be displayed on a panonceau (panel) at the entrance to the site so that third parties can object if you have failed to take their interests into account in the application. The authorities have the right to inspect the works to ascertain conformity with the terms of the Permis de Construire.

Once the renovations are complete, a Déclaration d'Achèvement des Travaux (declaration that the work has ended) must be completed within 30 days. The authorities will send a certificat de conformité within 3 months.

It is an offence to undertake renovation work without a Permis de Construire if one is required. This can result in a fine or in certain circumstances an order for the building to be returned to its original state prior to the unauthorised building work.

It is also an offence to carry out work outside that which is defined. If you had a Permis de Construire to convert a barn into a house and then decided to convert it into gîtes it would be necessary to submit a demande de Permis de Construire Modificatif or even a new Demande de Permis de Construire.

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