French Re-Mortgages

You have an existing French mortgage and you feel that the mortgage you have no longer suits your needs.
Perhaps you need to increase the mortgage to fund a renovation, extension or addition such as a pool.

Perhaps you are on a variable rate mortgage and would like to fix your mortgage rate at today's low interest rate level.
Perhaps you have a fixed rate mortgage and would like to re-Mortgage to take advantage of the lower fixed rates available at present.
Whatever reason you have for wanting to re-Mortgage, CAFPI is your ideal partner.

We are able to find today's best mortgage offer: A mortgage offer that exactly matches your needs. Moreover, we will take care of everything, including the termination of your old mortgage and the transfer to your new mortgage. What could be simpler or easier ?
Why not put CAFPI to the test? Fill in the online application form and see how we can improve the terms of your mortgage !

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