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CAFPI’s current President, Elie Assouline, established the Company in 1971, and so put CAFPI on the map in what has remained ever since it’s core business : mortgage brokering.

From its position as forerunner, Elie Assouline, assisted by his brother Maurice Assouline from 1975, has developed CAFPI into the leading authority on mortgage loans today.

The vast number of loan offers, various legal aspects and the difficulty in comparing actual rates and their performance require the help of a professional if one doesn’t have the time, patience and sufficient knowledge in various areas to be ready to take on the task oneself. Over the years CAFPI has used its expertise to help over one million homeowners in France to get on – or up – the property ladder.

Long-standing relationships with over 100 lending partners in France mean that CAFPI can locate the best quality offers at the best possible price. But our role does not stop there : our global approach to financing includes the choice of insurance or bank guarantee and continual assistance after the finance plan has been set up.

In 2005 Elie and Maurice Assouline decided to offer the Company’s expertise to International buyers acquiring French property : CAFPI INTERNATIONAL was born. The bilingual team - which includes members from England, Ireland, Canada, America, New Zealand - assists buyers from all over the world seeking finance for their property in France. Advisors will discuss with each buyer their project and particular needs, advise on the various components, detail the necessary procedure and documents, and negotiate on their behalf the best possible mortgage available and rate.

Hopefully, what can be a potentially stressful situation, can become an altogether positive introduction to La Vie à la Française!

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