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Are you thinking of paying cash, borrowing at home or taking out a French mortgage? With interest rates at least 2% lower than dollar/sterling rates, a euro mortgage is the sensible choice. It means that you are not locking up your capital, or equity on your main home, as the guarantee will be taken out on the French property. If you plan to earn some rental income from the property, this can be collected in Euros and put towards the repayments. If you would like an idea of what a French mortgage would cost fill in the CAFPI decision in principle application form. How much can I borrow ?

For EU (including UK) residents and taxpayers the minimum deposit is normally 15% of the purchase price but in some cases a 100% mortgage is possible. For those outside EU, the minimum deposit is 20%. French mortgages are normally repayable when the oldest borrower reaches the age of 70 though some lenders accept 75. We can arrange for a higher age limit subject to special insurance conditions.

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