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Property renovations in France may be carried out by professional or individuals. The main types of professional you can hire are entreprise général du bâtiment (general contractor), who will co-ordinate all the separate tradesmen, constructeur de maison individuelle (house builder), who will also have access to the individual skills required or individual artisans (craftsmen), who each have their particular skill. French artisans will have a Siret number for their professional registration and Décennal and Responsabilité Civile Insurance (third party insurance).

Any renovation done by professionally registered builders or artisans is insured for 10 years. Buyers can request the insurance details of the contractor prior to the purchase.

Work on buildings over 2 years old, carried out by recognised builders and craftsmen, will be charged at 5.5% VAT, rather than the standard rate of 19.6%.

There are many people, French and foreign, who are willing to work “on the black”, especially for cash. The work may cost considerably less, because tax and social charges will not be paid. The main disadvantages are that the builders will not be insured, the work will not be guaranteed and you will not have a receipt, which may be needed for the tax authorities and lending institutions. In addition, materials used will have been subject to the full VAT tax rate.
Individuals also undertake their own property renovation, using materials bought at the standard tax rate, 19.6%. If you install a new heating system or replace a roof yourself, this work will not be insured, which could affect the resale value of your property.

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