8 Commitments CAFPI French Mortgage broker

The 8 commitments CAFPI French Mortgage broker

A competitive rate is the least we can do for you.

On top of this, we undertake to provide you with an excellent service every step of the way.

1CAFPI French Mortgage broker will begin processing your application the day it arrives.

2CAFPI French Mortgage broker will advise you of all French tax and other financial incentives that are relevant to your circumstances and from which you could benefit.

3CAFPI French Mortgage broker will advise you as to the best legal arrangement for your purchase, taking into account the latest French and European legislation.

4CAFPI French Mortgage broker will inform you of the complete range of Mortgage protection insurance, irrespective of insurer.

5CAFPI French Mortgage broker will explain and if necessary clarify each and every term and condition of the Mortgage we offer you.

6CAFPI French Mortgage broker will always act ethically and always work to further YOUR best interests.

7CAFPI French Mortgage broker will use its best efforts to ensure that you are offered the best Mortgage for the long and short term.

8CAFPI French Mortgage broker will be on call to help and advise you form the time you take out your Mortgage through to the time that the Mortgage is finally repaid.

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